Watch: Nervous Curtains “Devastator”

Texas-based musician Sean Kirkpatrick wasn’t looking to start another band back in 2007 when he released his debut solo LP Turn On the Interference, as the keyboardist/vocalist already had a steady gig with The Paper Chase; but when former Falcon Project bandmate Ian Hamilton offered his services as an accompanying keyboardist, and former Deathray Davies’ drummer Robert Anderson joined on as a live percussionist, Nervous Curtains‘ seeds were planted. Officially taking their name in 2008, the trio has explored an increasingly post-punk and synth-driven tact on their albums, including 2010’s Out Of Sync With Time and 2012’s Fake Infinity, both on Latest Flame Records, as well as on their new Medical Records LP, Con. Recorded with engineer Matthew Barnhart, as well as This Will Destroy You’s Alex Bhore, the newest effort also received some co-production and guest vocal assistance from Pinkish Black’s Daron Beck. “Devastator” finds the band exploring an expanded songcraft that includes an off-beat time signature and cinemagraphic turns of direction that bridge the song’s more lyrically driven passages with periods of noir-like ambience. Driven by Kirkpatrick’s energetic vocals, as well as nuanced interplay between buzzing synths and drums, this track captures a manic and itchy energy.
The video for “Devastator” is the result of a year-long collaboration between Nervous Curtains and TZOM Films’ Adolfo and Ivan Cantu-Villarreal–the filmmakers responsible for Con‘s album teaser, as well as the video for the bands’ track, “White Flashes“. Set in a “destitute future devoid of hope”, and starring actor Dean Wray as a deranged, Messianic figure deluding his hungry flock with the promise of strange miracles, Wray’s riveting, and at times unhinged performance, mirrors singer Sean Kirkpatrick’s theatrical vocal performance–making for the kind of music video that is not soon forgotten.

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