Listen: Nervous Curtains “Low Defender”

Nervous Curtains follow-up the success of their 2015 Medical Records LP Con with a brand new EP Low Defender, due out May 4th on Dreamy Life Records. Today we take a listen to the upcoming effort’s title track, which the band’s frontman Sean Kirkpatrick reveals was actually recorded during the Con sessions. He goes on to explain,

“We were all really attached to it, but it didn’t seem to fit on the album, thematically or as far running time goes. It’s a weird, kind-of-prog-y song with odd time signatures that goes a lot of places.”

This complexity makes it a riveting ride and the perfect cut to anchor the trio’s new release. “Low Defender” opens with a spell-binding ambience before launching itself headlong down dark alleyways with ill-intent. Kirkpatrick and bandmate Ian Hamilton combine to deliver a dangerously seductive synth melody and muscular bassline, while drummer Robert Anderson underpins the track with urgent and driving rhythms.
Low Defender will also contain covers of Van Halen’s track “Light Up The Sky“, The Kinks’ “There’s a New World Opening for Me“, as well as ABBA’s “The Visitors“. In addition, the B-side brings remixes of Con tracks “White Flashes” and “City of Hate” by Vessels and Black Taffy respectively, as well as a dubbed-out version of Devastator called the “Wire Nest Remix“. You can check the album artwork and tracklist below…

Nervous Curtains ' Low Defender' EP (Dreamy Life Records)

Nervous Curtains ‘ Low Defender’ EP (Dreamy Life Records)











Nervous Curtains
Low Defender EP
Dreamy Life Records 2016

1. Low Defender
2. Light Up the Sky (Van Halen)
3. There’s a New World Opening for Me (The Kinks)
4. The Visitors (Abba)
5. White Flashes (Vessels remix)
6. City of Hate (Black Taffy Submerged mix)
7. Devastator Dub (Wire Nest mix)

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