Listen to Calum Gunn’s ‘Unorganised Music’ LP Playlist

Listen to Calum Gunn’s ‘Unorganised Music’ LP Playlist:

Calum Gunn is a UK-based experimental musician who runs Conditional, a record label as well as a radio show on Resonance Extra. Specializing in “generative and algorithmic electronic music”, the artist’s fascinating new release, Unorganised Music, is out now on Tsuku Boshi. This Soundcloud playlist culls together four of the album’s nine tracks and it’s a great place to begin exploring his wickedly minimal creations.

Single-minded in the best of ways, the tracks here often find Calum Gunn exploring one or two musical ideas in hyper-focus. “7-3” pans a single kick before adding a see-sawing tonal pattern, while “11-1” works an echoing note between the speakers to psychedelic effect. “10-3” and “1-3” bite off bigger chunks, this time, one musical phrase with drum elements, bass, etc., which then, sequenced into oblivion, radiates out multi-dimensionally to create intricate kinetic patterns akin to Chicago’s footwork style. “1-3” in particular seems like it would be the perfect fuel for a Southside dance off with its’ intense patterning sure to trigger athletic displays of dexterity. Therein lies the brilliance of Unorganised Music. Following an experimental and sonically challenging methodology, what Calum Gunn might call “antagonistic synthesis”, the musician creates a music that by-passes emotional and intellectual responses, instead going straight to the body for a somatic experience that is wildly rhythmic.

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