Photos: #NadaFest 2016 @ the Substation


#NadaFest 2016 @ the Substation:

DONORMAAL Live @ Substation 10/22 (Photo: Mike Walker)
DONORMAAL Live @ Substation 10/22 (Photo: Mike Walker)

This past weekend Seattle on-line music magazine Nada Mucho put on their #NadaFest 2016 at the Substation and the 3-day event showcased loads of the cities’ emerging talent. Featuring a diverse roster of musicians, as well as a representational selection of Seattle’s active genres, #NadaFest 2016 was a great chance to see many of Seattle’s rising bands in an intimate and accommodatingly low-key space. Live Eye Tv was able to make it down for Friday and Saturday night of the festival and we have plenty of photos to check out from the event. For us, main room highlights included WILD POWWERS’ cover of Nirvana’s “Drain You” during their rambunctious Friday night set, as well as B.A the Scribe’s politically charged performance and DoNormaal’s surreal take on rap from Saturday night. Not to be forgotten, though, was #NadaFest’s back room. Dimly lit and packed to the gills, heavier bands like Low Hums, Wes Sp8 & the Apollo Proxy, as well as Killer Ghost, played blistering sets to an amped audience. In the gallery below you can check out photos of Richie Dagger’s Crime, Low Hums, Wiscon, WILD POWWERS, Snuff Redux, B.A the Scribe & Wffls ft. Yodi Mac, as well as DoNormaal

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