Music News: Entertaining Violence to Release MU’s L’Impossible


?(MU) L'Impossible (Entertaining Violence)
MU L’Impossible (Entertaining Violence)

Entertaining Violence to Release MU’s L’Impossible:
Entertaining Violence, the London-based publishing house, gallery, and record label returns this December with a very intriguing limited edition release from 無(MU) called L’Impossible. The experimental guitar duo consisting of members Sergio Calderón and Céli Lee first came to our attention earlier this year with STEREO, a two-channel video and sound installation first shown in Beijing at Intelligentsia Gallery as part of the exhibit ‘Not a State, But an Artists’ Colony‘. L’Impossible was recorded in two live takes this Fall during 無’s tour of Japan and it will be released on CD in a very limited edition of 25 hand-made, hand-numbered copies complete with exclusive, one-of-a-kind photography by the duo’s Céli Lee. The photos were taken during the recording of the video for Sergio Calderón’s Event No.4 in Nagoya film, and they involve an improvised dance from the Japanese performer Sakura. Shot on an iPhone in one take by Lee, the video is presented below with [notebook 3], a 30-minute performance of cavernous and spell-binding drone recorded in Tokyo on October 6th at Bushbash. You can find the track listing for L’Impossible after the video embed.

L’Impossible CD — Duration 59’17”

1 — [notebook 2]
Music by 無
Recorded Live in Tokyo on 5th October 2016 @ Club Doctor
Duration 28’57”
Performed & Produced by 無(MU)
Recorded & Mixed by Rinji Fukuoka

2 — [notebook 3]
Music by 無
Recorded Live in Tokyo on 6th October 2016 @ Bushbash
Duration 30’20”
Performed, Recorded & Produced by 無(MU)