Music News: French Label Jelodanti Reissue Ulan Bator’s Debut LP


French Label Jelodanti Reissue Ulan Bator’s Debut LP:

Ulan Bator 'Ulan Bator' LP (Jelodanti Records)
Ulan Bator ‘Ulan Bator’ LP (Jelodanti Records)

The French micro-label Jelodanti Records is dedicated to reissuing formally out-of-print experimental music in limited vinyl editions with handmade, gatefold packaging. First coming to our attention earlier this year with the release of their 2xLP tribute to the Swiss label Helvete Underground, Jelodanti continues to uncover lost work from post-punk’s still vital past with this re-issue of Ulan Bator‘s 1995 self-titled debut. Formed in 1993 by Amaury Cambuzat (vox, guitar, and keyboards) and Olivier Manchion (bass), the band would go on to take up residence in an unused chalk mine in the suburbs of Paris–eventually transforming it from their practice space into a studio where they would record their first three albums: Ulan Bator, 2 Degrees, and Végétale.
The band’s 1995 debut found Cambuzat and Manchion joined by the percussionist Franck Lantignac and it was originally released on CD by the French label Les Disques Du Soleil Et De l’Acier. Combining open-ended post-rock compositional structures with a caustic palette of industrial tones and driving rhythms, the band’s debut bristles with raw intensity and uncontainable angst. Witness the imposingly titled “Cheetah Carnage” below. Starting from an anguished, animal-like sonic howl, the trio quickly descends into a maelstrom of dense low-end and jagged guitar with lo-fi but strident vocals buried in the noisy mix. You can listen to the cut below, as well as checking out the album artwork and tracklisting after the embed. Once again Jelodanti’s Clara Djian and Nicolas Leto have done a beautiful job crafting handmade covers for the record, which has been released this month in a limited edition of 400.

Ulan Bator ‘Ulan Bator’ LP (Jelodanti Records):

Ulan Bator 'Ulan Bator' LP (Jelodanti Records)
Ulan Bator ‘Ulan Bator’ LP (Jelodanti Records)
Ulan Bator 'Ulan Bator' LP (Jelodanti Records)
Ulan Bator ‘Ulan Bator’ LP (Jelodanti Records)

Haupstadt 7:36

Katatonia 4:25
Radio Disco 4:20
Cheetah Carnage 5:06

Piano Mecanik 2:19
Apt 18-A 4:53
Feu! Fire! Fever! 4:14
Cerf-Volant 4:51

Recorded on analog-tape-recorder at La Guillotine, Paris (F)
Engineered by Ulan Bator (1994 -1995)
Mixed by François Dietz at CCAM – Vandoeuvre (F), February 1995
Originally produced by Ulan Bator & Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L’Acier
All tracks composed and performed by Ulan Bator
Amaury Cambuzat: Vox, Guitars, Keyboards, Tapes
Olivier Manchion: Bass, Flute, Metal, Tapes
Franck Lantignac: Drums, Percussion, Tabla, Trumpet
Reissue & Artwork by C.N. Jelodanti
(Clara Djian & Nicolas Leto)
Remastered by Nicolas Dick (Kill the Thrill), 2016