Listen to Vex Ruffin’s Track “Front”


Listen to Vex Ruffin’s Track “Front”.

The California-based producer Vex Ruffin has a new track called “Front” off his upcoming LP Conveyor due out April 7th via Stones Throw Records. The album was recorded while the musician was working the graveyard shift at his job, and the title references the feeling of being stuck in a continuous loop with no escape. Vex explains:

“Recording is very therapeutic for me and I think that’s why there’s so much repetitiveness in my lyrics – it’s my meditation. I think there are two Vex Ruffins in each song: there’s one asking for help and one that’s helping the other one.”

Front” opens with a funky rhythm line before a hard driving bass provides the backbone to this track. Ruffin sings: “It’s a struggle every day…” in a sort of hazy daze before concluding, “But you get what you put in.” The musician’s varied sonic influences can be heard throughout, and he combines elements of hip-hop, house, psych, and post-punk into an intriguingly kinetic hybrid on the cut.

Listen to Vex Ruffin’s Track “Front”