Photos: The Buttertones Live @ Chop Suey In Seattle

The Buttertones Live @ Chop Suey in Seattle March 8, 2017

Live Eye Tv caught up with The Buttertones live at Chop Suey in Seattle last night and local photographer Jordan Myers caught all the action. The LA-based 5-piece is currently on tour ahead of the release of their upcoming LP Gravedigging out March 31st via Innovative Leisure. The band, which formed back in 2011 in the heart of Hollywood around the nucleus of bassist Sean Redman (also a former member of Cherry Glazerr), guitarist/singer Richard Araiza, and drummer/polyinstrumentalist Modesto ‘Cobi’ Cobiån, would go to add guitarist Dakota Boettcher and saxophonist London Guzmån to their current roster.

There’s something retro about The Buttertones’ noir vibe–elements of garage, surf, doo-wop, R&B–and they even conjure up LA’s golden days of sonic weirdness bringing to mind past great bands like The Gun Club, X, and even 45 Grave. But, much like those bands, they punk up their vintage sound into modern day tales of lust and longing. Live, the band’s rambunctious energy was infectious, and they coupled surf riffs and sax into a libido-fueled garage party that had even the Chop Suey hot on a cold winter night. Don’t miss the photos below.

The Buttertones Live @ Chop Suey In Seattle

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