Photos: Emily Wells Live At Barboza In Seattle

Emily Wells Live At Barboza In Seattle:


Emily Wells Live At Barboza on March 13, 2017.

Emily Wells played live at Barboza in Seattle last night and it was the second of a two night stay for the vocalist/multi-instrumentalist. The Brooklyn-based performer and composer recently released In the Hot via her label Thesis & Instinct, and it collects together live versions of songs from her 2016 LP Promise (Thesis & Instinct), as well as including three formerly unreleased tracks.

An extraordinary live performer, Wells not only handles all the electronic and acoustic instrumentation, she also possesses powerfully moving vocal abilities. Combining this with violin, live and programmed drums, as well as synthesizers, Wells helms this amazing collection of instruments in a deft display of musical ability. And, in true DIY fashion, even walked away from the set-up on a few occasions to change up the video display playing on the screen behind her–often looped clips of the modern dancer Merce Cunningham, which seemed the perfect accompaniment to her nimble sonic abilities. The crowd responded with warm appreciation, often calling out to her directly, and her comedic demure was the perfect balance to an intense set of music that included standouts from her LP’s, Mamma (Partisan Records) and Promise, as well as her new EP, In the Hot.

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Emily Wells Live At Barboza In Seattle, March 14th, 2017

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