Listen to Coincidence Bizarre’s Track “Invisible Man”


Listen to Coincidence Bizarre’s Track “Invisible Man”. Photo by Pol Ubeda.

If you’re ready for a mystery wrapped inside a bizarre coincidence, we have some enigmatic new music for you. Little is known about this shadowy West Coast collective called Coincidence Bizarre except that they will release their 2-track debut Invisible Man/Shapeshifter on May 12th. We are told that the group features some veteran producers and performers and that they have each made their “unique stamp in the heart of the pulsating media world of Los Angeles,” but at this time their true identities are being kept under tight wraps. So, while we have very little to go on here, we do have Coincidence Bizarre’s first cut “Invisible Man” which dropped via the Kenyan-based blog Aipate last week.

The crackle of sample-driven sonics set the scene on this track, and they lend it a classic hip-hop vibe that only intensifies when the group’s deep-voiced vocalist steps to the microphone. Opening with a couplet that concludes, “I’m back with the Massive Attack like Tricky,” later in the cut he takes aim at contemporary music’s “counterfeit beats,” “auto-tune misnotes,” and rappers that “couldn’t rhyme if they stitched rope.” He muses that might earn you a “9 out of 10 on Pitchfork,” before noting, “Must not be smoking the same weed that these journalists smoke.” Musically, the swing of “Invisible Man” is undeniably groovy, and while I sure am curious to know the players in this mystery, I guess for now we’ll have to keep it a Coincidence Bizarre.

Listen to Coincidence Bizarre’s Track “Invisible Man”

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