Music News: Conformity Contortion’s ‘Perception Management’ LP Out Now Via Personal Archives

Conformity Contortion‘s Perception Management LP is out now via Personal Archives. The duo features Unwound drummer Sara Lund (Hungry Ghost, The Corin Tucker Band) and the peripatetic experimental musician Thollem McDonas–here known as Thollem Electric. The two first collaborated as part of Thollem’s Keyngdrum Overdrive, a project that pairs the keyboard improvisor with various drummers, and they released their Impulsive Machinations LP via New Atlantis Records back in 2014. This newest effort was recorded in Portland, OR over a two day period in July of 2015 by Brent Asbury of Beta Petrol Studios.

Both musicians here bring decades of experience to the table. Lund is a long time player in the Northwest punk/indie scene, and McDonas, a classically trained pianist, has collaborated with members of The Stooges, The Minutemen, Deerhoof, Wilco, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Half Japanese, and Can, to name a few, while releasing more than 50 albums in the process. As Quasi’s Sam Coomes pointed out in the write-up for the duo’s first LP, “Lund comes at improvisation from a rock angle, and Thollem comes at rock from an improvisational angle…”; yet, the confidence and ease between them speak to an obviously shared lexicon. Thollem plays a modified keyboard with analog effects on Perception Management, often unleashing a psychedelic barrage of fried sonics, and Lund’s agile drumming intuitively gives them shape while driving these tracks forward with unrelenting energy.

Listen to Conformity Contortion’s ‘Perception Management’ LP

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