Watch Vex Ruffin’s “Front” Video


Watch Vex Ruffin’s “Front” Video.

Vex Ruffin‘s Conveyor LP came out this month on Stones Throw Records. Back in March, we checked out the album’s first single, “Front“, and this week the California-based producer has released a new video for the track. Directed by fellow musician and artist Geneva Jacuzzi, the video stars Ruffin, a mustachioed cop, and a curiously attired band of skateboarders. Jacuzzi casts the video in a gallery-like space with Ruffin’s various images projected on several small monitors, as well as on the wall of the room. From one screen he waves blithely dressed in a pinstripe suit and tie, while the other screen features a close-up of his mouth. The image of his face on the back wall is larger, and there he takes on garish hues with green and red makeup. Meanwhile, a dubious cop prowls the premises, possibly in search of a group of skateboarders who, if their outfits are any indication, may have just stolen a Keith Haring painting. Anyways, visually enticing and just plain good fun, Jacuzzi’s video is the perfect match for this hypnotic, beat-driven track.

Watch Vex Ruffin’s “Front” Video

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