Watch: Multa Nox “heartclock”


Watch: Multa Nox “heartclock”

Multa Nox is the electronic musician/writer Sally Decker, and on June 2nd she will release her Living Pearl LP via NNA Tapes. Utilizing synthesizer, found sound, and vocals she creates mysterious worlds that drone with subtle activity, half-hidden melody, and organically propulsive rhythm. Decker’s track “heartclock” premiered on THUMP this week, and discussing it, she explained:

“This track emerged from thinking about moments when I feel a deep connectedness to people, ideas, or art. Yet at the same time, a sinking feeling of loneliness and isolation accompanies these positive waves of connection.”

The video for “heartclock” was created by the multimedia artist and musician Camilla Padgitt-Coles. Much in the way this track evolves slowly with time, adding gradations of sonic texture to create shifts in emotion, Padgitt-Coles follows an unhurried path layering composited video signals. A study in the interplay between light and darkness, the artist’s images hang on the edge of the recognizable, though the “real thing” always seems to lurk deep beneath the surface of shifting abstractions.

Watch: Multa Nox “heartclock”

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