Listen to Oneohtrix Point Never’s Track “The Pure and the Damned (ft. Iggy Pop)”


Listen to Oneohtrix Point Never’s Track “The Pure and the Damned (ft. Iggy Pop)”. (Photo by: Tim Saccenti)

Oneohtrix Point Never‘s track “The Pure and the Damned (ft. Iggy Pop)” is off the Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack due out August 11th on Warp Records. Daniel Lopatin‘s musical project has sure garnered much deserved critical praise thru the years and now he can add a Cannes award for Best Soundtrack to his collection of accolades. Good Time was directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, and it stars Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Jason Leigh in a hypnotic crime thriller that follows Pattinson’s character on a twisted journey through the New York underworld as he desperately tries to get his brother out of jail.

Discussing his collaboration with the Safdie brothers, Lopatin explains:

“I had a good feeling when I walked into their midtown office, which was more like a shrine to everything they loved — amongst which was a massive Akira print side by side with one of King of New York. They told me they were setting out to make a genre film. To me, the Safdies are doing something really unique and yet drenched in tradition. I think of Jarmusch, Tarantino, Carax — directors whose love of the history of cinema is too strong to keep out of the filmmaking itself, but remain totally idiosyncratic anyway. We share an affection and reverence for bruised and battered stuff, and I think we both feel this urge to enshrine the history as it is now, not as it was then. On our own terms.”

“The Pure and the Damned” soundtracks the closing of the film, and the lyrics were written and performed by Iggy Pop. The track’s stark emotional tenor is highlighted by the singer’s bruised and moving delivery. Half spoken and half sung, Iggy Pop’s voice sounds somehow weighty and fragile all at once as it conveys his human and hard-won wisdom. You can check out the track below, as well as the trailer for Good Time.

Listen to Oneohtrix Point Never’s Track “The Pure and the Damned (ft. Iggy Pop)”

Watch the Good Time Trailer

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