Listen to Old Iron’s Track “Gravewax”


Listen to Old Iron’s Track “Gravewax” (Photo By: Matt Koroulis)

Old Iron is a Seattle-based metal trio that packs a wicked punch! The band will release their sophomore LP Lupus Metallorum via Good to Die Records on August 18th, and it comes laced with references to “the Devil’s interval,” alchemy, and serious psychedelics. The band’s guitarist/vocalist Jesse Roberts explains: “There was never any intended theme, but in hindsight, half of the songs were inspired by experiences I’ve had with ayahuasca and DMT.”. Injest slowly on this one my friend, as the heady brew that is Lupus Metallorum comes as described–and then some.

Roberts is joined in Old Iron by bassist Jerad Shealey, as well as drummer Trent McIntyre, and the band recorded their new record with Matt Bayles at Red Room Studios in Seattle WA. “Gravewax” opens with a bone rattling howl before ripping into some thrashy hardcore like the brain hungry Grey Wolf pictured on the album’s cover. There’s a tense almost halting interplay here between the rhythm section and guitar, and it keeps this song eerily taut; but instead of drawing you in closer to its’ loud embrace, it holds you at arm’s length so as to more easily administer its’ ear pummeling blows!

Listen to Old Iron’s Track “Gravewax”

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