Listen: Le Moderniste “Prologo Per Il Dolore”

Listen: Le Moderniste “Prologo Per Il Dolore”

Le Moderniste is the electronic project of the Belgian artist Laurent Delogne and his extraordinary new cassette release Imbalsamazione is due out on Infidel Bodies this week. Recorded as a one night ritual “dedicated to the non-living,” Delogne uses “analog synthesizers, effect petals, various objects, and a microphone” to create scouring industrial textures and funeral atmosphere. In a recent interview with the industrial music magazine Side-Line, the musician explains that Le Moderniste is a “painful introspection…oozing from my pessimistic psyche,” while going on to call Imbalsamazione, “uncensored.”

Prologo Per Il Dolore” bleeds out in a slowing death pulse as red-brown blasts of low-end clot in an uneven mass of bass and kick drum. It’s a visceral and harrowing sound soon made even more gripping when we hear Delogne’s strangled cries from somewhere deep in the mix. Filled with an atmosphere of dread and gloom, there’s that kind of “visual” quality to this music that would make it the perfect soundtrack to a silent horror film in black and white. Building progressive states of tension and release, “Prologo Per Il Dolore” plays out like a ritualized drama even while maintaining the track’s sonic themes with deadly focus.

Look for Infidel Bodies to release Le Moderniste’s Imbalsamazione as a limited edition cassette in two bags. Contained inside will be the transparent cassette (c60 pro-dubbed), artworks by Paul van Trigt, hand-sewn insert with words from Laurent Delogne, as well as a pair of black nitrile gloves. Below you can listen to “Prologo Per Il Dolore,” watch the Imbalsamazione album trailer and check out the contents of this limited edition release…

Listen: Le Moderniste “Prologo Per Il Dolore”

Watch Le Moderniste ‘Imbalsamazione’ [IB002] Album Trailer

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