Listen: Maximum Mad “Unmanned”

Listen: Maximum Mad “Unmanned” (Photo by James Rexroad)

Maximum Mad is a heavy and loud new edition to the Good to Die roster and on September 16th the Portland-based noise rockers will release their debut EP Dear Enemy. The band, which formed in the summer of 2016, features guitarists Mark Bassett (John Rambo, Diesto, Men Of Porn) and David Mullis (Kakihara), as well as bassist/vocalist Jayson Smith (El Cerdo, Nihilist), and drummer Travis Wisner (Year Of The Coyote, TwoHands). The upcoming effort was tracked live by Stephan Hawkes (Red Fang, Gaytheist, Black Elk) at Portland’s Interlace Audio and fans of legendary labels like Amphetamine Reptile and Hydrahead will find much to sink their fangs into here!

Unmanned” is our first listen in on Maximum Mad’s upcoming EP, and it comes ripping out of the gate in a wicked cloud of low end. Wisner’s hyper-aggressive drumming explodes into action here with all four limbs pummeling the skins into submission as Smith’s bass smokes out in clouds of black. Vivisecting guitars add to the abuse sawing thru “Unmanned” with sadistic glee, while Smith bellows like some Punk preacher on a whiskey bender.

Look for Dear Enemy to be released as a limited edition 2-sided cassette later this month. Running in a print of 100 copies, the EP will come with full-color j-card, red case, and digital download.

Listen: Maximum Mad “Unmanned”

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