Watch: Garçon Taupe “The White Spider”

Watch: Garçon Taupe “The White Spider”

Garçon Taupe‘s limited edition 12″ The White Spider is due out this month via Enfant Terrible/Gooiland Elektro. Describing the record, the artist explains that it was:

“Inspired by Heinrich Harrer’s eponymous book and recorded on the Revox reel to reel tape recorder that I was able to secure from Rude 66 a while after we recorded Wittenburg EP on it.”

If you’re looking to grab a physical copy of the EP, with hand-screened artwork, the label reports that they are just waiting on the vinyl to be finished up. In anticipation of the upcoming record, last week we checked out “Crevasse,” the first cut off the B-side, and one that comes complete with “an air of eerie tension” and a “ripping bassline that ping-pongs with teeth grinding funk.” This week, we have Garçon Taupe’s new video for the EP’s title track, “The White Spider.”

The visuals are directed by Schone Vormen and were shot in Hong Kong. Teaming with neon color, physical activity and urban density, Vormen’s video is the perfect accompaniment to this potent dose of Acid House. It opens with a troupe of acrobats standing poised on their hands in a busy mall while spectators watch with rapt expressions, before embarking on a journey thru the busy city that comes complete with elevator and bus rides, as well as plenty of stops for food and gambling. Vormen’s careful attention to the camera’s movement thru space, and the mechanical actions of things like an animatronic Samauri, are synched here with Garçon Taupe’s percussion on the track lending just the right rhythmic quality to these exciting visuals.

Watch: Garçon Taupe “The White Spider”

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