Label News: Lea Bertucci to Release ‘Metal Aether’ LP Via NNA Tapes in 2018

Label News: Lea Bertucci to Release ‘Metal Aether’ LP Via NNA Tapes in 2018

Lea Bertucci‘s Metal Aether LP, due out February 9th, will be the first release in NNA Tapes new LPX Series. Featuring limited edition vinyl in boutique packaging, the new series will use locally-sourced manufacturers and small businesses from NNA’s hometown of Burlington, Vermont. The label reports that each LPX record is “hand-assembled, numbered, and stamped to ensure limited edition authenticity.”

Following up on her other NNA Tapes release from last year, All That Is Solid Melts Into Air, Metal Aether finds Bertucci exchanging her role as composer for performer. Playing an alto sax, the musician applies various forms of “extended technique” to push her instrument into experimental zones of music-making. The four-pieces that comprise the upcoming album were recorded at a former military base in Le Havre, France, as well as at ISSUE Project Room in New York City. Bertucci combines her alto sax with field recordings to create minimalist compositions that explore her interests in acoustic environment and the harmonic accumulation of tones. The musician’s varied approach to creating sound from the alto sax means that these pieces move in ambient ways, and coupled with her use of taped sound, Metal Aether is a nuanced exploration of sonic texture and atmosphere.

Lea Bertucci ‘Metal Aether’ LP (NNA Tapes)

Lea Bertucci Metal Aether
Release Date: February 9th, 2018
1. Patterns For Alto
2. Accumulations
3. Sustain And Dissolve
4. At Dawn

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