Listen: Deer Venom “All Right With Me”

Listen: Deer Venom “All Right With Me”

Seattle rocker Mario Barbetta‘s Deer Venom project kicks off the year with a killer new 4-song EP up now on Bandcamp. Last January we previewed the track “Not Today.” Though a self-recorded basement demo at the time, put together with fellow musicians bassist/vocalist Brian Salvage and drummer Radford Mason, the cut’s raucous energy was still more than evident. This past Fall, Barbetta took some of those early demos into Seattle’s Earwig Studio to record with engineer Don Farwell and hired gun Mike Stone on drums. Deer Venom’s 4-song EP is the result of those sessions, and today we preview the effort’s third track, “All Right With Me.”

Barbetta’s multi-instrumental and vocal skills are on display here as the musician’s taut interplay between guitar and bass, as well as his unique vocal delivery, lend this song an infectiously spastic vibe. Opening with razor-sharp barbs of guitar and a bass-line that bounces around it like a kid on sugar high, “All Right With Me” also features vocals capable of turning on a dime as they alternate between a husky growl and high register banter. Ultimately light on its’ feet, and sure to have you bouncing off the walls with nervous energy, this track still rocks heavy.

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