Listen: Très Oui “Red Wine & Dry Ice”

Listen: Très Oui “Red Wine & Dry Ice”

Ex-Literature frontman Nate Cardaci has a new band called Très Oui, and on February 9th they will release their Poised To Flourish LP via Shrimper/Revolver Records. Literature’s expansive pop often occupied rarefied air, and on a record like the group’s 2014 Slumberland release Chorus, there was an ease and elegance that made things sound like a hair was rarely out of place. Cardaci began work on Très Oui after the release of that record, enlisting original Literature member Steven Garcia (Rose Selavy) to help flesh things out. The pair would eventually add synth player Ian Jensen and Literature bassist Seth Whaland to the fold, as well as the drummer Doran Rawlinson.

While the group’s facility for effortless pop is still on full display on this new track “Red Wine & Dry Ice,” the band is also more likely to let its’ hair down and rock out along the way. Alternating between a breezy jangle and plugged-in adrenaline blasts capable of pushing the needle into the red, this song takes unexpected lane changes and plays like a wild drive through a night of epic fun. If Literature was that shy wallflower, but sparkling conversationalist, Très Oui is the charismatic cousin capable of talking you into just about anything!

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