Music News: Early 80’s Austin Punk Trio Terminal Mind to Release ‘Recordings’ LP Via Sonic Surgery Records

Music News: Terminal Mind to Release ‘Recordings’ LP Via Sonic Surgery Records (Photo: Ken Hoge)

Terminal Mind was a first generation Austin punk band that formed in 1978. The group was started by bassist/vocalist Steve Marsh and brothers Doug and Greg Murray on guitar and drums respectively, before going on to add synthesizer player Jack Crow to the fold. During their short existence between 1978 and 1981, Terminal Mind would share the stage with Iggy Pop at the Armadillo World Headquarter, The Huns and Standing Waves at Raul’s, and The Big Boys on the University of Texas campus. Marsh would eventually move away to New York city with his noise rock band Miracle Room, before returning to Austin to form the psych rock band Evil Triplet and the solo experimental project Radarcave, while Doug Murray joined the Skunks and Greg Murray played in a later version of The Big Boys.

Terminal Mind’s Recordings LP is due out January 12th via Super Secret’s reissue imprint Sonic Surgery Records. The album collects together songs from the band’s rare 1979 7″ I Want To Die Young, recordings from 1980’s Live At Raul‘s compilation, as well as bonus unreleased studio recordings. Combining Marsh’s wry lyrics and droll delivery with Doug Murray’s whip-smart guitar and Greg Murray’s energetic drumming, Terminal Mind’s critical review of modern culture was continually set to driving rhythms and razor-sharp hooks super-charged by the band’s undeniably punk spirit.

Terminal Mind ‘Recordings.’ LP (Sonic Surgery Records)

01. I Want to Die Young
02. Refugee
03. Sense of Rhythm
04. Zombieland
05. Obsessed With Crime
06. Fear In the Future
07. Radioactive
08. Bridges Are For Burning
09. (I Give Up On) Human Rights
10. Black
11. Missing Pieces
12. Bureaucracy

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