Listen: Miscomings “EWWWW”

Listen: Miscomings “EWWWW”

Seattle noise punks Miscomings have a new song for that icky feeling, “EWWWW,” and you’ll find it on their upcoming Den Tapes release Like Music out March 2nd. Word has it that the band got its’ start when guitarist/vocalist Joe Ross and drummer Nicole Murillo were stuck in traffic. Throwing out goofy words to bide their time, “miscomings” sounded like the perfect band name. In typical No-Wave fashion, a genre that might be used to describe their noisy brand of almost danceable punk, Nicole didn’t yet play an instrument. But that wasn’t enough to stop them, and when she found herself on unemployment, she bought herself a $90 drum set and got to work. That meant Ross, typically a drummer in his past projects, could pick up guitar and handle vocals. While the band went thru some line-up changes putting together their debut, Bag of Knives, Like Music finds Ross and Murillo joined by bassist Clark Demeritt and additional guitarist Daniel Mahony.

Miscomings’ tightly wound punk is super-charged with an undeniably kinetic energy. Bite into “EWWWW” and it will send a lobotomizing shock wave thru the system. Glass eating guitar blasts open the track with an electric jolt sending bass and drums into a dizzy dance. Initially at odds, the band soon comes together in a zombie-like strut that reels with frantic energy. Joe’s vocals bring an urgency to the proceedings as he rips off staccato lyrical barbs, punctuated by someone’s grossed out interjection. This band sure makes “yuck” sound good!

You can catch Miscomings live in Seattle at Hollow Earth Radio on March 2nd for their Den Tapes cassette release party. Here’s a Facebook Events link to show, which will also include The Fabulous Downey Brothers, Casual Hex, and Sleepover Club on the bill.

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