Listen: Rose Mercie “Spring And Fall”

Listen: Rose Mercie “Spring And Fall”

Today, let’s meet Rose Mercie–a French quartet together since 2013. Featuring members of the now defunct La Ligne Claire, as well as the on-going projects Belmont Witch and Charlene Darling, Rose Mercie finds Charlotte Kouklia (vocals, guitar, synth, drums), Inès di Folco (vocals, synth, guitar, drums), Louann Djian (drums, guitar, synth), and Michèle Albertini (guitar, drums) sharing instrumental and vocal duties on their upcoming, self-titled debut due out March 2nd via SDZ Records/Jelodanti/Monofonus Press.

The women’s intertwining harmonies move these songs with a disarming charm, while off-kilter guitar melodies sketch hand-drawn illustrations against moody organ and minimalist drum play. On “Spring And Fall,” the warm back-and-forth modulations of a one finger bass-line wash up against a snare marking a simple backbeat. Soon, guitar and organ enter and their interplay wobbles in a tipsy embrace–echoed by the song’s idiosyncratic vocal arrangement. With voices tangling in harmony but slightly at odds, “Spring And Fall” traces the comings and goings of a love that is not always what it seems.

Look for Jelodanti Records to release Rose Mercie in a limited edition vinyl run of 500 copies, with 200 copies also available in the US thru Monofonus Press. Each album sleeve will be different as they were all made by Jelodanti and Rose Mercie using hand stamped acrylic paint. According to the label copies will ship on or around March 2nd.

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