Watch: Monocorpse “On The Other Side Of The Mirror”

Watch: Monocorpse “On The Other Side Of The Mirror”

Monocorpse returns to Gooiland Elektro this month with a limited edition 12″ called The Comfort Of Strangers. This will be the Dutch producer’s third EP outing for the label, and it follows 2016’s Cease To Exist 12″, which featured addresses affiliated with the Manson family for song titles. As the project’s moniker would suggest, this music’s gone to the dark side–call it Doom for Techno heads.

On The Other Side Of The Mirror” will close out the backside of Monocorpse’s upcoming EP, and it finds the artist continuing to work his mesmerizingly minimal style. Bleak blasts of bass tone trade barbs across a smoke-filled expanse while the pick-ax thud of a kick drum grimly marks time. Soon, the hard crack of snare and slurred cymbal enter into the mix marking small scars of rhythmic nuance. Various other warped tones find their way into the sound space too, but the mood remains aphotic even as you find yourself swaying and grooving to your impending demise.

The video for this cut was directed by Monocorpse himself. Using a looped clip of a couple entering a mysterious room where two anatomically correct robots recline under sheets on a bed, the visuals seem to repeat endlessly while composited curtains blow in the neon breeze. Eventually, the trip thru the mirror is made complete, but what lies on the other side might not be real life.

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