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Watch Boss Hog's "Ground Control" Video.

Watch Boss Hog’s “Ground Control” Video

Boss Hog‘s “Ground Control” video is off the band’s first LP effort in seventeen years, Brood X, out now via In the Red Records. Directed by Andrew Hooper, the visuals feature Boss Hog’s Cristina Martinez and bandmates, including husband Jon Spencer, in a Cold War caper that probably says more about our current events than those of the past. Filmed […]

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Watch 11xxx27’s “Pink Cloud” Video

Watch 11xxx27’s “Pink Cloud” Video

11xxx27 is the Italian electronic musician Erminio Granata (Code27), and he launched the project just over a year ago with his industrially textured Son of contaminated land EP. The artist returns on May 21st with Essence, an inaugural, limited edition tape release for Italy’s Infidel Bodies label. The upcoming effort continues 11xxx27’s exploration of solace and melancholy, but Essence is […]

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Watch EL.i.BE's "Come On (ft. Graydon Francis & Bryan Doe) Video.

Watch EL.i.BE’s “Come On (ft. Graydon Francis & Bryan Doe)” Video

EL.i.BE is a Liberian/American MC and producer, and his Liberation LP, due out May 19th, chronicles the musician’s journey as a first generation immigrant. A veteran of the music scene, he hails from the Twin Cities and founded the hip-hop group D-Mine while still in high school back in 2004. After that group broke up, EL.i.BE launched a solo career […]

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Watch: Multa Nox "heartclock"

Watch: Multa Nox “heartclock”

Multa Nox is the electronic musician/writer Sally Decker, and on June 2nd she will release her Living Pearl LP via NNA Tapes. Utilizing synthesizer, found sound, and vocals she creates mysterious worlds that drone with subtle activity, half-hidden melody, and organically propulsive rhythm. Decker’s track “heartclock” premiered on THUMP this week, and discussing it, she explained: “This track emerged from […]

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Watch Algiers "The Underside of Power" Video.

Watch Algiers’ “The Underside of Power” Video

Algiers’ self-titled 2015 LP was a breath of fresh and bracing air. Cross-pollinating politically motivated post-punk with the social concerns of soul and gospel, the trio’s debut was a powerful expression of protest in the face of racial injustice. Since that time the band, which consists of original members singer/guitarist Franklin Fisher, bassist/synthesist Ryan Mahan, and guitarist Lee Tesche, has […]

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Watch Oiseaux-Tempête's "Bab Sharqi" Video.

Watch Oiseaux-Tempête’s “Bab Sharqi” Video

Oiseaux-Tempête‘s brilliant new “Bab Sharqi” video is directed by the French duo As Human Pattern (Grégoire Orio & Grégoire Couvert), and it’s a gripping and poetic journey through Lebanon. Shot in black and white, the video combines striking landscape footage and urban scenes with gritty video of musicians performing the track. In one of the video’s more poignant moments, two […]

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Watch TEEN's "Tokyo" Video

Watch TEEN’s “Tokyo” Video

TEEN‘s new “Tokyo” video is for a track off their 2016 LP Love Yes out now on Carpark Records. Directed by Jennifer Vanilla (Becca Kauffman of Ava Luna), who also appears in the video alongside her pal Sam Regal, the video follows the dancing pair and band as they prepare for and play a show at the Mercury Lounge in […]

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