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Watch: Lina Tullgren "Face Off"

Watch: Lina Tullgren “Face Off”

Lina Tullgren will release her debut LP Won on Friday, September 22nd via Captured Tracks. The highly anticipated album is the follow-up to the singer/songwriter’s Wishlist EP which came out last year on the label. The 23-year-old musician grew up playing the fiddle and learning classical technique, and that training really seems to inform her unique approach to the electric […]

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Watch: Lapalux "Petty Passion"

Watch: Lapalux “Petty Passion”

Lapalux displays his continued growth as a producer on his 2017 LP Ruinism (Brainfeeder) expanding his sonic palette while exploring new approaches to arrangement. “Petty Passion” finds Stuart Howard continuing to find ways to introduce negative space into his sensual and somatic arrangements, and here, with the help of some deep bass wobble, that drifting openness adds an ominous air […]

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Watch: Nightmares on Wax "Back To Nature"

Watch: Nightmares on Wax “Back To Nature”

Nightmares on Wax return today with an epic new track called “Back to Nature.” Featuring exquisitely crafted production, as well as rousing vocal sentiments from shaman Kuauthli Vasquez, the new cut was inspired by visiting the Yucatan jungle and witnessing the ancient Peyote ceremonies. Discussing the new track, Nightmares’ George Evelyn explains: “”Back To Nature” is a reminder of our […]

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Watch: Destroyer "Tinseltown Swimming in Blood"

Watch: Destroyer “Tinseltown Swimming in Blood”

Destroyer‘s upcoming LP ken is due out October 20th via Merge Records/Dead Oceans Records. Discussing the album’s title, Dan Bejar explains: “Sometime last year, I discovered that the original name for ‘The Wild Ones (one of the great English-language ballads of the last 100 years or so) was ‘Ken.’ I had an epiphany, I was physically struck by this information. […]

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Watch: Beliefs "Comb"

Watch: Beliefs “Comb”

The Toronto-based post-punk outfit Beliefs will release their upcoming LP Habitat on September 22nd via Outside Music/Hand Drawn Dracula. The new record was written by core members Jesse Crowe and Josh Korody (Nailbiter, WISH), and Crowe reports, “We wrote 80% of it in a room in four days with no previous material.” They would go onto record Habitat in sixteen […]

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Watch Ka Baird's "Oneiric" Video

Watch Ka Baird’s “Oneiric” Video

The multi-instrumentalist Ka Baird is a longtime member of the experimental music ensemble Spires That In The Sunset Rise. On September 22nd she will release her solo LP Sapropelic Pycnic via Drag City. While the musician has two LP releases under that name, 2015’s See Sun Think Shadow (Perfect Wave) and 2016’s A Love Supreme (No Index), that moniker is […]

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Watch: John Maus "The Combine"

Watch: John Maus “The Combine”

John Maus returns with his new album Screen Memories due out October 27th via Ribbon Music. This will be his fourth LP since 2006, and his first since releasing his groundbreaking effort, 2011’s We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves. In the six year interim, Maus has been busy writing and recording at his remote residence in Minnesota, and […]

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