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Watch Helado Negro's "Obras Complete" Video.

Watch Helado Negro’s “Obras Complete” Video

Today we watch Helado Negro‘s “Obras Complete” video. The project is helmed by singer/musician Roberto Lange, whose 2016 LP release Private Energy is being reissued in an expanded form by RVNG Intl. on May 5th. While the album’s initial impetus was the 2014 police shooting death of the unarmed black teen Michael Brown in Fergusen, MO, the album would go […]

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Watch: Actress "X22RME"

Watch: Actress “X22RME”

The UK-based electronic musician Actress will return with a new LP called AZD (pronounced “azid”) on April 14th via Ninja Tune. The conceptually motivated album was influenced by the African-American outsider artist James Hampton, Afro-Futurist/Hip-Hop pioneer Rammellzee, as well as the desire to make his music sound like chrome. But, speaking with DAZED this week, Darren Cunningham might have discussed […]

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Watch Spinning Coin's Video "Tin".

Watch Spinning Coin’s Video “Tin”

The Glasgow-based four piece Spinning Coin have a new video for “Tin“. The track is off the group’s 7” Raining On Hope Street, due out March 24th via Geographic. The video was created by Taylor Stewart, whose artwork is included in the imagery along with work from Chris Wallace and Rachel Taylor. Using this colorful, hand drawn imagery, composited with […]

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Watch Xiu Xiu's Video "Wondering"

Watch Xiu Xiu’s Video “Wondering”

Xiu Xiu released a new video for “Wondering” this week, off the band’s 2017 LP Forget out now on Polyvinyl. Directed by the band’s Angela Seo, the visuals feature three muses dressed in pastel colored gowns, as well as Jamie Stewart himself in white sweatpants and sweatshirt. Shot in a stately looking hotel room where the group can be seen […]

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Watch Watch Equalizing Music: Women Changing the Face of Electronic Music.

Watch “Equalizing Music: Women Changing the Face of Electronic Music”

Smirnoff‘s “Equalizing Music” project is an initiative to double the number of woman-identified and non-binary producers and DJs on festival lineups by 2020. As part of International Women’s Day, Smirnoff joins forces with THUMP and Broadly today to launch Top 50 Women Making Noise, a multi-media project and multi-language tool for fans and bookers to discover artists and their music […]

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Watch Chastity Belt's Video "Different Now".

Watch Chastity Belt’s Video “Different Now”

Chastity Belt‘s new video “Different Now” is an homage to the early-’90s Temple of Dog video for “Hunger Strike“. Directed by Bobby McHugh, and starring the ladies in the band, this recast of the classic doesn’t miss a beat. Mirroring the original’s location and mood–even the slate grey clouds piled high in the sky over the cold waters of Puget […]

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Watch Moon Duo's Video "Lost In Light"

Watch Moon Duo’s Video “Lost in Light”

Moon Duo‘s new video for “Lost in Light” is another installment from animator Micah Buzan, continuing the “video suite” he began this January with “Cold Fear“. Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada star once again in an epic and psychedelic tale of cosmic proportions. Buzan’s animations are candy coated in Day-Glo and he uses scale, often, to depict universe within universe […]

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