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Listen: Ben Zár  ‘There Is No Distortion In Heaven’ LP

Listen: Ben Zár ‘There Is No Distortion In Heaven’ LP

Guadalajara-based composer/multi-instrumentalist Ben Zár released his solo debut There Is No Distortion In Heaven this month via Seattle’s Halfshell Records. Part of a vibrant psychedelic scene in Mexico, Benjamin Zarate also plays in the bands Antoine Reverb and Dorotheo. Last month the Seattle Times chronicled how a chance encounter at a bar in Guadalajara back in 2013 between Seattle band […]

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Watch: Forest Swords "Congregate"

Watch: Forest Swords “Congregate”

This past May Forest Swords, aka Merseyside producer Matthew Barnes, released his critically lauded LP Compassion (Ninja Tune). The musician is following up that effort with the two track single Congregate/Free available for streaming and download now via the label. The proceeds for the single will go to help the Red Cross with their earthquake and hurricane relief efforts in […]

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Watch: Nightmares on Wax "Back To Nature"

Watch: Nightmares on Wax “Back To Nature”

Nightmares on Wax return today with an epic new track called “Back to Nature.” Featuring exquisitely crafted production, as well as rousing vocal sentiments from shaman Kuauthli Vasquez, the new cut was inspired by visiting the Yucatan jungle and witnessing the ancient Peyote ceremonies. Discussing the new track, Nightmares’ George Evelyn explains: “”Back To Nature” is a reminder of our […]

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Listen: Julien Beau & Mokuhen ‘Paysage accidenté #2’

Listen: Julien Beau & Mokuhen ‘Paysage accidenté #2’

Today we explore more adventurous listening on the edge of Form from Julien Beau and Mokuhen, with their new release Paysage accidenté #2 out now on Tsuku Boshi. Beau, a sound artist who blends field recordings and prepared acoustics, teams up once again with Tsuku Boshi’s Laurent Guérel, and together they construct an ambient listening experience akin to musique concrète. […]

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Watch Golden Retriever's "Pelagic Tremor" Video.

Watch Golden Retriever’s “Pelagic Tremor” Video

Golden Retriever‘s Rotations LP just came out on Thrill Jockey, and today we checkout the duo’s new video for “Pelagic Tremor.” Work on the record started when Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sielaff received a grant from Portland’s Regional Arts & Culture Council to organize a performance of new material at Portland’s The Old Church back in 2015. Seeking a new […]

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Watch: Lapalux "Data Demon"

Watch: Lapalux “Data Demon”

Stuart Howard‘s Lapalux project took a left turn on his new LP Ruinism which came out this past June via Brainfeeder. Instead of leading down a dark alley to a dead end, it seems to have opened up a lot of new space for the young producer on his third full-length. Gone are the late night grooves and chic R&B […]

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Music News: Ryuichi Sakamoto’s "Andata" Reworked By Oneohtrix Point Never; Async Short Film Competition Announced (Photo By: Wing Shya)

Music News: Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Andata” Reworked By Oneohtrix Point Never; Async Short Film Competition Announced

This past April acclaimed musician and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto released async (Milan Records), his first solo album in eight years. Recorded after the artist’s recent but successful battle with oropharyngeal cancer, async‘s fascination with “everyday objects, sculpture, and nature” can be heard throughout the album’s cinemagraphic ambiance. Featuring piano, orchestration, as well as found sounds collected from his travels, Sakamoto’s […]

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