Genghis Tron Live @ The Vera Project 3/30/07


On Dead Mountain Mouth, Genghis Tron continue to brandish the dizzying amalgam of styles that made Cloak of Love amaze with it’s tenacious, 12 minute assault on all pertinent musical genres of the last 10 years. Modern music has for awhile spawned all kinds of styles and sub styles, which often garner the rabid support of some underground stratum of musical enthusiast only too happy to pour devotion onto an obscure and under appreciated tract of pop culture…

And because the internet as SEARCH ENGINE thrives on endless classifications and sub classifications of data, we continue to see in music this fevered splintering of genres creating odd ghettos of fans trapped in sunless chat rooms, dissecting why their particular flavor of “geekdom” tastes so good. Lately, under the weight and increasing speed of it’s own process, these genres have begun imploding upon themselves, and bleeding and feeding between. Genghis Tron slams styles together in cinematic, two minute blasts, using guitar, keys and drum machines; and the songs have the deft ability to move from metal riffs and hardcore delivery, to dark, danceable pools of ambient reprieve from the bands often ferocious attack.

The band is a three piece from New York with Mookie Singerman on vocals/keys, Hamilton Jordan on guitar, and Michael Sochynsky on keyboard. The band claims electronic beats are central to their project, and the songs are layered with blistering, pounding speeds that can turn on a dime in sound and tempo from metal, to something haunting and New Order-ish. This allows a structure on which the songs can morph and move between musical genres like grindcore and darkwave, or death metal and techno. Having found the success of this path on their first effort, the song “Ride the Steambolt”, the band methodically carved out the remaining four songs for their first ep, Cloak of Love; and with Dead Mountain Mouth, they up the production ante, and allow themselves to expand a bit, taking more time to explore their various sonic terrain…This show was recorded at The Vera Project in Seattle, WA! Check out Crucial Blast Records for more extreme face melting noise pollution.

-Dickie Sticks