Watch: Constant Lovers “Snickerdoodle” Live @ Chop Suey

Watch Constant Lovers perform their track “Snickerdoodle” live at Chop Suey in Seattle. Filmed by the Live Eye Tv video crew on April 4th for the band’s record release party, celebrating their newest LP Experience Feelings (Good To Die Records), on that night Constant Lovers shredded thru a sweaty set of high octane rock complete with a tuxedoed MC, smoke machines, video projections, and, of course, their mascot Steve/Neal, the life-size, naked guy cut-out! Constant Lovers features Joel Cuplin on guitar and vocals, Eric Fisher on guitar, Ben Verellen on drums, and Gavin Tull-Esterbrook on bass; and the spazz rockin’ four piece meld glam, garage, and grunge into a potent party mixture on this standout track, “Snickerdoodle”!

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