Music News: Francis Harris Launches New Imprint Kingdoms


Music News: Francis Harris Launches New Imprint Kingdoms

Francis Harris has announced he will launch a new imprint called Kingdoms. Harris runs the label Scissor and Thread alongside Anthony Collins, record store owner Shawn Schwartz and Soco Audio owner Michael Scott. In addition, he partners musically with Collins as the duo Frank and Tony, while also releasing music under the monikers Adultnapper, and Lightbluemover, as well as under his own name. Discussing his new venture, Harris explains:

“I felt that working within the confines of more club inflected music that defined Scissor and Thread’s output was a bit limiting. Kingdoms is a bit more of a reflection of all my musical tastes.”

With this extended palette in mind, look for Kingdoms to present everything from, “club-inflected jazz, contemporary composition, ambient, and electronic music to reissues of little-known obscurities from across the musical spectrum.”

This week Francis Harris posted a new live recorded 75 minute Kingdoms’ podcast and it offers plenty of ambient cloud drift with offerings from artists like Suso Sáiz, Pan•American, Huerco S, Dean Blunt, and DJ Sprinkles–to name a few. Look for Kingdoms’ first release to come from Aris Kindt, a duo between Harris and Gabe Hendrick. While a release date has yet to be announced, the album will be a follow-up to their 2015 Scissor and Thread record, Floods. You can listen to the new Kingdoms’ Potlatch podcast below…

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