Watch: Yakamoto Kotzuga “Until We Fade”

Watch: Yakamoto Kotzuga “Until We Fade”

Despite the moniker, Yakamoto Kotzuga is an Italian producer and sound artist who works between London, Milan, and Venice. While being commissioned in 2016 by the Venice Biennale to collaborate with visual artist Furio Ganz, the young musician was inspired to begin work on the follow-up to his 2015 LP Usually Nowhere. The artist’s sophomore release, Slowly Fading is due out March 23rd via La Tempesta International, and today we watch his new video for the track “Until We Fade.”

Yakamoto Kotzuga’s background in sound design is always evident in his spacious creations, and this new cut is no exception. Opening with an airy ambiance and rippling arpeggiation, the track’s rhythmic flourishes–like rapid fire snare lines–also reflect the work he’s done with Italian trap rappers like Ghemon and Mecna The video for the cut was directed by Furio Ganz and Matilde Sambo and it stars Eros Bortolini and Barbara Xu. The visuals come with the tag, “The impossibility of achieving a far dimension that remains imaginary and unreachable.” That sentiment is echoed by an inscrutable cast of characters and after Bortolini and Xu exchange a secret, the contents of which we cannot hear, strange activity ensues–including a menacing drone that might just be appearing from some distant realm.

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