Watch: Screature “North Of Order”

Watch: Screature “North Of Order” (Photo By: Nedda Afsari)

If it sounds like all hell is breaking loose on Screature‘s new single “North Of Order,” the band has informed us that it is. “Order is a cruel illusion,” the group explains, and on this devastatingly heavy cut, the Sacremento-based four-piece offers some serious sonic evidence for their claim. A pummeling maelstrom right out of the gate, drummer Miranda Vera pounds away while organist Sarah Scherer unleashes roiling organ lines under Chris Orr‘s thundering guitar racket. From this pit of roiling magma, vocalist Liz Mahoney emerges with the kind of voice that stops you dead in your tracks. While it’s hard to make heads or tails of exactly what she’s saying through all that howling noise, when the song’s over you might hear the words “kings will fall” echoing through your head. The composited visuals follow suit with a Vesuvian nightmare of smoke and lava while ancient ruins crumble and people enter into strange trances.

You’ll find “North Of Order” on Screature’s upcoming LP Old Hand New Wave. Recorded and mixed by Chris Woodhouse (Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Wand), the album is due out January 19th on the band’s imprint, Ethel Scull Records. While you’re at it, don’t miss Screature’s first single and video “Hit the Void,” released this past November. Want to catch Screature live, you’ll find the band’s upcoming dates after the video embed below…

Watch: Screature “North Of Order”

Screature Live Dates

Jan 13 Phoenix Theater Petaluma, CA
Jan 19 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco, CA
Feb 03 Holy Diver Sacramento, CA

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