Music News: Techno Promoters On the 5th Day Launch New Label With Abstract Man’s Curiosity EP

Music News: Techno Promoters On the 5th Day Launch New Label in 2018

UK-based techno promoters On the 5th Day have announced they will launch a new label venture this year. Run by Katie Arnold, Egle Sukliauskaite, and Mantas Jankauskas, the collective is known for hosting monthly events at London’s Corsica Studios, as well as a podcast stream featuring underground artists like Ness, Korridor, and Takaaki Itoh–to name a few. The label has informed us they will feature “distinctive, trippy techno vinyl releases,” and they launched this month with Abstract Man‘s new EP, Curiosity.

Abstract Man is the On the 5th Day duo of Mantas Jankauskas and Katie Arnold, and their upcoming record finds them continuing to craft hypnotically minimal techno. Utilizing a mostly analog set-up, the pair’s stylishly sparse and monochromatic palette is employed to full advantage. A throbbing but elastic kick drum provides the backbone for these tracks, and the duo adheres to it with an unwavering focus. The result is a deeply absorbing rhythmic undertow that works it’s spell on mind and body with an undeniable force. Across the four tracks here, which include a remix of the EP’s title track by Mike Parker, the duo foregrounds this kick driven rhythm–while adding small but distinctive flourishes. The tick of the snare on a backbeat, or skittering shadows of hi-hat, provide those distinct techno moments, just as machine-like hum and echoing patterns give the tracks on Curiosity their gleaming industrial hue.

Abstract Man ‘Curiosity’ EP (On the 5th Day Records)

1. Curiosity
2. Curiosity (Mike Parker Remix)
3. Proposition
4. Exploration

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