New Track: Ice Cream Mission To Mars “Ice Cream Mission To Mars”

More today from the Chicago musician and vintage synth enthusiast Will MacLean, as he readies a self-titled release for his Ice Cream Mission To Mars project, due out on CD and as a digital download November 20th via Toy Moon! MacLean previously worked with Mercury Rev’s David Baker on the band Variety Lights, but he is currently concentrating on his new solo endeavor, exploring the outer fringes of ambient techno using analogue sonics. While “Ice Cream Mission To Mars” opens by unleashing some menacing and strangely filtering death waves, a subtle sense of humor seems to pervade the track, as MacLean drenches it’s rhythmic elements in puddles of water so they end up sounding like someone trying to type in the bathtub, or play Missile Strike in the rain. You can check out Ice Cream Mission To Mars’ 8-bit visuals for “Blast Off!” in this post from last week, and stay tuned for more far-out transmissions from the project, including an album stream next month!

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